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Sam Hopkins began his journey in the HVAC industry in 2008, when he humbly began working at a family wholesale heating and cooling distribution company. It was there that he learned about wholesale pricing and distribution of HVAC parts, supplies, and equipment.

In 2011, he transitioned into the retail service side of the heat and air industry. He was privileged to learn about the residential market, as well as the commercial refrigeration business. The residential market is sales oriented, whereas priority and urgency are the driving forces behind the commercial market. Sam became well versed in both.

After acquiring his HVAC license, Sam’s focus became starting his own business. He felt the desire to serve families and small businesses, because he enjoyed the personal aspect.

Sam Hopkins, owner of Consumer Air Conditioning, and his family

Since he had spent his entire adult life in the HVAC industry, he felt he had a wealth of knowledge and experience he could bring to his community about HVAC equipment. He also wanted to share the industry proven service practices he had developed.

Despite watching other companies focus on parts, equipment, and quotas, Sam felt that to be truly successful, he needed his company to be customer and service driven. He accomplishes this goal by leading with with maintenance, service, knowledge, availability, warranty, and price. He promises to always deliver a proven record of trust and sincerity.

Call Sam with Consumer Air at (806) 777-1307, and let his family begin a relationship with your family today!

Schedule Chores To Save Money

Schedule Chores To Save Money

Many utility companies have "dual time" rates, which means they charge more for energy that is used during peak times.

If your electric company charges more for day time energy consumption, switch your chores (running the dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer) to nighttime and your energy costs will be less!

To keep your system running at optimum efficiency, call us at (806) 777-1307 to schedule seasonal maintenance.

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$25 OFF

Hourly Rate

Consumer Air wants to thank you for your service to our community by offering you this discount. The more work we perform, the more you save!

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